PCD-FDE2 Quickstart Guide

Connection diagram



1. Connect the Power cable from the PCD-FDE2 mini USB connector to the USB power adapter using the supplied cable.

2. Connect the included USB / Serial cable to the lareg USB connector of the PCD-FDE2, and the other side to the Russound controller (DB9 connector) Note: If you are connecting a Russound CAV, you must change the RS232 switch to the rear position.

3. Connect the included Ethernet cable to either (LAN or WAN) RJ45 connector on the PCD-FDE2, and the other side to your wireless router.

You should now be able to start the My Russound app and control all six zones of your Russound controller. You now need to configure your zone names, source names and source types.

Configure Zone Source Names, and Source Types:

1. Connect your phone to the PCD-FDE2 wireless network


2. Open a Web browser and type the following in the URL field:


3. Enter default password: russound123

4. Select Zones from the pulldown menu, Set your zone names and click on "Save & Apply"


5. Select Sources from the pulldown menu, Set your source names and source types, then click on "Save & Apply"


You can now change your phone back to your home network, and begin using the MyRussound App.